3 common issues in influencer marketing—and how to solve them

It can be hard to promote a business these days. People’s attention is spread thin, making it difficult to capture. So, influencer marketing sites, such as https://theinfluencemarketer.com, have seen a rise in popularity.

Influencers, people who have a large number of followers on social media, are all the rage right now. It’s not uncommon for a certain product or service to trend because of a tweet or a mention in their posts.

However, influencer marketing isn’t free from problems. You should be aware of the three most common problems when dealing with influencers.


The main reason influencers have gotten popular is because everything about them feels very authentic. They don’t seem to be constrained by scripts nor agendas. That is until they start promoting a product.

As it turns out, followers tend to tune out marketing-related content from the people they follow. Target audiences have slowly understood how people earn money by promoting stuff from sponsors. So, they started to ignore posts that show products or services. You can visit website to know more why.

One way to circumvent this is to focus on smaller influencers. Those with a smaller following generally have a better connection with their audience. Finding the right influencer for your campaign can be difficult, but you can go here for help.

Social algorithm changes

The popular adage, “change is the only constant in this world” is also felt the most on social media sites. Every other month or so, something gets changed in the inner workings of a social media platform. What hurts the most is when an algorithm is updated or when the way people get posts to their feeds is changed.

In recent months, Facebook has made minimized the visibility of posts coming from business accounts. This is most likely done so businesses are forced to use their advertising services. Other platforms are also making similar changes. To know more, you can read more here.

Influencers are safe for the time being. But, who knows if their posts will be suppressed in the future? This can derail your marketing campaign should it happen.

The best way to avoid this is not to focus on a social media site. Influencers are always associated with Instagram. However, there are also other trendsetters out there on YouTube, Facebook, and other places on the web. Find other baskets to put your eggs, as some would say. To find good platforms to market your business, you can visit https://theinfluencemarketer.com.


Tracking how successful a marketing campaign can be easy with the right tools. Unless, the campaign in question is influencer marketing. This campaign is among the hardest to measure as there are no tools to show which influencer generated the most sales.

There have been some workarounds. These range from trackable links & URLs to custom campaigns specific to a single influencer. However, the best and still reliable way is careful monitoring and recording of sales data.

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