Swan Marquee and Party Hire: The Reliable Event Managers in Perth

For a beautifully planned function, be it a kid’s party, a birthday party, wedding or a casual family or friends gathering, the host always feels that the event should be a thing to remember for a long time. A good host takes all necessary precautions to make the function a runaway success. But some things cannot be handled singly, especially if it is planned on a grand scale. That is why you might need a party hire company in Perth with an impressive range of marquees kitchen and catering equipment to rent.

Every little detail that goes into organizing the event makes it special and memorable. To achieve this and give a concrete shape to your dream function, Swan Marquees and Party Hire are at your service. With over 20 years of experience in event management, this is the best party hire company in Perth with an impressive range of marquees, kitchen and catering equipment to rent.

Swan Marquees and Party Hire is a party hire company in Perth with an impressive range of marquees, kitchen and catering equipment to rent  and offers a wide range of products on hire like furniture, kitchen and catering equipment, marquees, flooring, lighting, chandeliers, linen and other accessories. They have experienced staff that caters to your needs and gives suggestions to suit your own ideas of organizing the function. Their trained staff offers advice regarding the set up, decorations, catering, selection of right crockery and accessories, etc.

Selection of venue is easy, but setting up the place to perfection can be handled only by people who have experience and expertise in it.  So Swan Marquees and Party Hire Company will do perfect justice to your special event. Their eye for detail and perfection in execution will certainly earn you rave compliments for the function.

Swan Marquee and Party Hire has a tremendous collection of cutlery and crockery as well as party accessories. They provide the best equipment and products that add a sparkle to your party. The marquees are available in different sizes and can be selected from 6 meter structured, 10 meter structured or 3×3 or 6×3 framed marquees. The marquees are 6 meters or 10 meters wide and a depth is available from 3 meters to 100 meters. Thus you can select the size according to the number of guests and the spread.

Another aspect is that you have a selection between window marquees or closed one. A window marquee is preferred if you and the guests wish to enjoy the weather and the surrounding as much as the actual party. However, for a more private setting, a closed marquee is an ideal option. For some romantic or special do, just opt for a clear roof marquee that will add to the mood by bringing in cool starlight. Your moods and requirements are many, yet you have a perfect solution courtesy of Swan Marquee and Party Hire.

The company has special wedding catalogue that gives you a wide selection of seating arrangements, special or standard crockery, table accessories, etc. The price ranges from $10.99 to $23.72 per person according to the selection. After choosing the package and giving them an idea about your requirements, it is a “no more tension” time. Just sit back and relax till the big day while the experts take charge and translate your dream into reality.

They are very particular in their selection of appropriate crockery for various occasions. Well, did you know the difference between the red wine and white wine glasses? But these people are meticulous and know that a short stemmed, wide mouth and rounder/larger bowl glass is perfect for red wine and long stemmed, narrow mouth and narrow/small bowl glass goes well for white wine. So it is a matter of trusting the experts to get a perfect setup.

Swan Marquee and Party Hire has dance floors, barbeques and heating equipment, electrical equipment, bar equipment, lighting, linen, glassware, etc that is of highest quality. Therefore, the next time you plan a function and would like it to be a memorable one, just give a call on (08) 92502255 and Swan Marquee team will be at your service. Looking for a party hire company in Perth with an impressive range of marquees, kitchen and catering equipment to rent? Check out the company’s web page for additional details.