Choosing The Best Sectional Garage Doors In Melbourne

Houses in Melbourne are incomplete without a garage. The great news is that adding sectional garage doors Melbourne is an excellent decision anyone could ever make. Lots of options you can find by just one-click away on your devices.

For example is the Eco Garage Doors, a fast-growing manufacturerthatoffersautomatic garage doors throughout Melbourne at a reasonable price. The company assures new garage door styles with an eco-friendly design through thermal resistance rating or R rating.Try checking out their for more details.

sectional garage doors

What Are Sectional Garage Doors?

Sectional garage doors Melbourne are becoming popular in recent years as for many reasons, such as uniqueness from the other garage door styles. It is a garage door that differs from traditional swing-out doors. It has multiple panels, which slide up as the door opens and closes, either manually or electronically. The door varies in styles and on what material it is made of.

Having Melbourne garage doors brings benefits, which are discussed briefly below:

This kind of garage door can fit on minimal headroom space of around 250mm, which is ideal for homeowners with limited area. Anyone could park a car without the worry of getting it damaged due to unintended door opening. It is a one-piece tilt door that won’t swing forward but will curve upward. The overall operation goes along with its high-cycle motors that allow the manual or automatic procedure.

Another range of garage doors offered by the company are the custom garage doors that are designed to fit existing exterior design of homes in Melbourne. The team is responsible in setting up the garage door according to the homeowner’s preference.

Here are the five profiles counted in:

  1. Aluminium Custom Garage Door

This model renders modern application to your home in different styles and finishes. It has sleek pre-formed panels with stylish and contemporary finish that perfectly blends to your home’s exterior design. It brings in outstanding functionality with four year structural warranty and five year motor warranty.

  1. Timber Custom Garage Door

The use of timber adds warm and modern look to your home’s exterior. It is finished in three-stage process that assures toughness against all conditions and extended usefulness. Different stain shades are available to give a natural timber stain ambiance on the door.

  1. Galvapanel Custom Garage Door

If you desire for a minimalistic yet elegant garage door, go for this one. It is the flattest door in the market yet the strongest amongst them all. The door is built with 1.2mm thick zincalume sheet boxed in a sectional aluminium. Its extra durability is a result of its powder-coat finish. In between panel breaks are V-join profiles that add uniqueness upon the garage door.


  1. Euro Selekta Clad


Fire prone areas are better off with Euro Selekta Clad with its bushfire resistant feature. It renders a beautiful timber-grained embossed surface that could complement any home’s façade. The door is designed with great stability against rot and pest, as well as on all conditions. It is available in eight colours to match with every home’s design.

What Is New?

Designing your own way of garage door style is now made possible. Out of ordinary door designs such as unusual door shapes, special materials used, or added security features are anticipated.


Melbourne garage doors are really going beyond what everyone could expect in terms of garage doors production. That is why many suppliers of wood and aluminium garage doors are putting up with Eco Garage Doors.

What To Do Next?

If you are living in Melbourne, perhaps securing your garage is part of the house plan. Lots of manufacturers are becoming competitive enough to show their best sectional garage doorsMelbourne. All you need to do is to find for what suits your home’s style at its finest.

You can search for other manufacturers online to widen your selections. I hope this post helps. Do not hesitate to share it with your fellow citizens.