Getting that perfect engagement ring

A ring is the most important and influential far-fetched symbol in the wedding industry. The engagement ring has a symbolic meaning of love, and to some extent, it shows how much one knows his or her partner. This makes it important for one to choose a glamorous, one-of-a-kind ring for their partner to wear a symbol of their undying love. To select a ring setting, one needs to choose the correct style, metal and the ring size that will leave their partner out of breath. Many people use professionals of shops, which sell engagement rings Melbourne wide to help them with their selection.

How to select an engagement ring

To select a perfect ring consider your fiancée’s lifestyle and personality best. Also, her personal style and daily activities should influence the setting of stones on the ring. Here are a few tips which you can consider to select any of the engagement rings Melbourne shops sell, based on the personality of the wearer.

Traditional and elegant

Classical solitaires, which are rings that characterise one centre diamond with no destruction. The most classic solitaire features a simple metal band. To make sure that the centre diamond is set especially low, think about a trellis setting. For a touch of more glamour, add a projectile of diamond accents on the product.

Outgoing and glamorous

If the person wearing the rings wants to astound with glamour, she might adore a setting that holds her diamond bigger, or maybe one that is characterised by sparkling pave-set diamonds on the band of the ring. This ring will bring out the outgoing personality in her.

Outdoorsy and nature lover

Is your better half a nature lover or a person who is happiest outdoor? Ring setting that has organic rudiments in their proposed design such as leaves, vines, and flower might suit her well. For an energetic woman, think about a setting that clasps the diamonds lower to the hand. A bezel setting, or a small metal band that holds the diamond all around its strap is also good for protecting the diamond.

Romantic and timeless

If your partner loves all things vintage and romantic, consider a setting that has milgrain details, filigree or scrollwork model, complicated galleries or delicate bands. Or, if your partner loves unique items from the past, think about a genuine antique engagement ring.

Modern and contemporary

If your partner appreciates a modern, fashion-forward style, try a ring with sculptural settings; rings that try out non traditional forms. A bezel setting is best for her; this ring has a thin metal that holds the diamond all the way around its strap. If she wants to relinquish traditional centre diamond, consider a large band ring with elegant detail. Include sparkle with gemstone accents. More information at Dan Hadley Adelaide


People get married once in their lives, and the engagement ring is treasured by their loved ones. It is important for one to know their partner’s tastes and preferences when picking a ring, nothing is worse than choosing a ring that will not be appreciated. One can either find a perfect ring for their partner on their own or consult professionals which design engagement rings Melbourne wide.