Soil Compaction Contamination Testing in Sydney

Soil contamination is normally caused by the discharge from industries, sewage, and agrichemicals, as well as fuel and oil dumping. It poses as a threat to the environment, to the public, and especially to the farmers. Therefore, testing soil for contamination is an important task. Any home or farm should undertake this to be aware of any toxic substances in the soil.

Contamination testing Sydney is done by Alliance Geo Technical Pty Limited. They provide soil contamination testing in Sydney, among other geotechnical and environmental services.

The company has a specialized engineering and environmental team, ensuring that every customer is completely satisfied. They also have an approved laboratory by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) where they can carry out soil contamination tests on-site or in their lab, providing accurate results.

Other products and services that Alliance Geo offers, apart from soil testing Sydney, include environmental investigation, soil and water testing, and classification with pre and post contamination reports. Alliance Geo provides civil engineering services as well, including footing, foundation investigation, and pavement design investigation.

The testing of soil compaction is an important test, normally carried out by people who want to cultivate their garden or make additions to their home as this determines how successful one’s endeavor to do so will be. There are various soil compaction testing methods such as determining the moisture content of the soil, as well as soil density – both influencing soil compaction.

One soil compaction test is nuclear testing. It works by measuring the rate of radioactive isotopes in the soil, by generating small quantities of gamma rays on the soil surface, and by measuring the reflection. Denser soils normally take in more radiation compared to less denser soils. On the other hand, nuclear tests are more expensive than other tests as they provide more timely and accurate results, making them more effective.

Other soil compaction testing methods include the Proctor test, which was developed by engineer Richard Procter. The Procter test usually assists engineers in determining how much soil compaction is required for a construction project .This test is also done by drying the soil overnight and by comparing dry weight to wet weight values, calculating the moisture content.

Contamination testing Sydney services detects soil contaminants such as harmful organic compounds, insecticides, and pesticides. A soil test typically determines the effect of any contaminants in the soil. In addition, soil contamination testing can be done using a soil test kit. However, an analysis done by soil experts like Alliance Geo is more appropriate if your intention for testing the soil is used on construction or agricultural purposes. Moreover, the lab soil contamination testing ensures accurate test results on the presence of harmful contaminants in the soil. All of these tests can take up to 40 days to be fully analyzed.

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