The Light and Medium Duty Trucks for Australian Roads

Planning to upgrade the fleet for your freight business? There is a great variety of light and medium duty trucks of varied GVM that you can choose based on the purpose to which you plan to deploy them. The Australian truck supplier UD Trucks offers one of the best selections that are ideally suited for Australian roads. These small Japanese trucks are available in various ranges that can enable you to work smarter and build a profitable trucking and freight business. Read an article here at


When looking for the light and medium duty small Japanese trucks, you can choose from various types such as the following:

  •        The Cargo Vans
  •        The Medium Duty Cabover Trucks which are highly suited for the city deliveries
  •        The light duty box trucks
  •        The medium duty box trucks
  •        The flatbed trucks
  •        The cab and chassis

The cargo vans are generally some of the lightest duty trucks and can be used for the smaller volume and lighter weight deliveries such as parcels for example. These can be built with both the rear along with the sliding side-doors. The cabovers are more suited for the city deliveries due to the ease of maneuverability of the trucks in spite of their sheer size. The commercial flatbed trucks are another common fixture on the Australian roads. These can be put to various uses such as independent deliveries. The flatbed trucks can be based on either automatic or manual transmissions.

The cab and chassis trucks are available both in light duty and medium duty as well as heavy duty. They are used as a base for other applications such as ambulance, fire engines or even recreational activities. When you are planning to purchase the light and medium duty trucks, it is therefore important to have a clear idea on how you are going to use the trucks. This will assist the sales staff in determining the most suitable truck types for your needs.

Where to Get the Best Light and Medium Duty Trucks in Australia

In Australia, one of the most reliable suppliers of small Japanese trucks is UD Trucks. Through its Condor range of trucks, buyers will find a smaller but highly versatile and smarter truck model. These trucks are built with the Euro 5 Rated SCR technology that will cut down on the emissions when in use thus guaranteeing you a highly fuel-efficient truck operation. They are also built with a fuel-saving automatic transmission system thanks to the Eco Shift feature in the truck design.

The Condor range of trucks from the UD Trucks is built with incredible strength and will get the job done in their class of operations. They are amongst the best trucks in their class and deliver incredible value for money for many Australian trucking companies. These small Japanese trucks come in two main ranges, namely the MK range and the PK range.  With the MK range, you can get a GVM of 11,000Kg while the PK range offers you a GVM of 15,500-16,500.

With their proven ability on their Australian roads, they are certainly the best investment for your freight or trucking company. Sample out the array of light and medium duty UD Trucks at