Why you should take time in choosing your cycling gloves

Your first set of cycling clothes and gear is almost complete. You already bought your helmet, socks, and jersey. And, you’re also almost ready to buy that Trek Fuel Ex 8. However, you’re still looking for cycling gloves online.

Now, one non-cyclist might think, “They are just gloves. Why take time in choosing?

Don’t let this seemingly pragmatic question prompt you to buy your first gloves in a haste. Choosing the wrong pair will not only affect your riding performance but will also endanger you.

So, before you read a Trek Fuel Ex 8 review and buy one, read first why choosing the right gloves is important.

Consequences of choosing the wrong cycling gloves

You have to pick the right cycling gloves online, so you won’t deal with these problems.

  1. Skinned, injured knuckles

Michael Rogers, a professional cyclist, paid the painful price for not wearing gloves during the 2015 World Championships team time trial in Richmond.

Team time trials require the cyclist to ride close to other riders. So, you can never be complacent with your protective gear. One minor mistake might lead you to lose chunks of your knuckle’s skin.

So, learn a lesson from Rogers and buy from a glove sale online!

  1. Sweaty, slippery handlebars

Of course, the primary purpose of gloves is to provide handle friction.

Who wants to ride with their bare, tired hands slipping off the handlebars all the time? It will ruin your momentum—not to mention this will also put you at risk.

The right gloves will help soak up perspiration from your palms. And, in case it drizzles suddenly, your gloves will prevent your grip from loosening because of the moisture from the rain. Check it out at Mellow Johnny’s

  1. Weary hands

When riding your bike, you’ll feel vibrations from the handlebar. This will put pressure on your nerves, causing you to feel numbness on your knuckles and palms.

If you’re not careful, this will affect your grip strength, making an impact on your performance.

To avoid numbness from non-stop gripping, shop for comfortable gloves online. Pick ones with foam, gel, or silicone padding on them, so your palms can rest on a cushion as you ride through bumpy terrains.

Questions to ask when choosing the right gloves

  1. Where am I riding my bike?

If you’re riding through mountainous terrains, choose full-finger gloves. They will protect your palms and knuckles from pebbles or thorny stems.

Meanwhile, if you’re cycling on clean, flat highways, choose something breathable, such as half-finger gloves.

  1. Do the gloves fit me?

Make sure there’s adequate breathing space between your fingers, especially between your pointer finger and thumb.

This will let your ulnar nerve breathe, sustaining your grip strength throughout your ride.

  1. Do I need padding?

If you want to grip the handlebars better, you can opt for gloves with foam padding.

On the other hand, if you’re riding through bumpy roads, you can buy gloves with gel padding. These will provide your palms with cushion, protecting your hands from the vibrations during a ride.

  1. What are the gloves made of?

If you’re riding on a cool day, choose polyester and nylon gloves. These are waterproof and super wind-resistant.

Meanwhile, if you’re riding around the humid roads of Texas, pick synthetic gloves made of sheepskin. Besides being lightweight and breathable, they also wick sweat well.

Where to find the best cycling gear?

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